Autovoice Continuous beep


i’m using tasker with autovoice on my Nexus 7, which will be mounted on the wall.
I want it to continuous listen, which is easy to do. But the constant beep every 2~5 seconds cuz of autovoice continuous mode is annoying me. I browsed this forum and looked on the internet, but as far as i can tell this is the way it works and all you can do is mute all sound on your device. But i want tasker to confirm the tasks it does, by using the “say” function.

Does anyone have any experience with solving above problem? Help would be appriciated! :smile:

You should be able to enable always listening with Google Now and use that instead of continuous listening with AutoVoice. This would mean you would need to preface your commands with “OK Google” to get it to start listening, but it works really well.

PS. Are you using SharpTools for the Tasker integration?


Thanks for the reply Joshua

I know i can use the “OK google” , but im not OK with that :wink: heheh

I found the solution. And do i feel stupid for looking at difficult solutions while there is an easy solution :blush:

All i had to do was add to the task to put the media volume up before the task with the “say”/spoken confirmation and after that put a task to put the media volume down. Now i dont hear the annoying beep, but i do get the spoken confirmation from autovoice. And i have my own “Alexa” commands now :smile:

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Out of curiosity how well does the nexus 7 mic pick you up? I love the echo’s voice recognition capabilities, but right now the integration isn’t optimal for me. Tasker/SharpTools or Oauth would provide much better flexibility but I wonder how much I’d have to directly speak into it.


I recall a workaround suggestion that you could use Tasker to reduce the volume to zero, then turn it up to verbalize the response and mute sound again.

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I’m glad you figured out something that works well for you! Sometimes the simplest solutions are right under our noses.

I’m the developer of SharpTools, so feel free to PM me or tag me (@joshua_lyon) in posts. You might also be interested in some of the SharpTools + Tasker examples I’ve written about:

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I use voice integration with my Android devices primarily for when they are right by me. For example, when my phone is sitting on it’s charger (on my nightstand), I’d much rather softly speak a phrase to it than yell so my Echo could hear it in the other room.

That being said, I’m not sure how well Android voice recognition would really work across a moderately noisy room. That’s where I have found the Echo to be excellent. I have an Echo in the living room and my wife has quickly grown accustom to asking Alexa to add things to the shopping list or to switch off lights… even from across the house.

I asked my wife if we should get another Echo for the baby’s room so we could play lullabies or add things to the shopping list and she was a bit hesitant since Alexa always has a voice response. She was up for the idea of a tablet with baby apps and voice integration through Google Now though, so we’ll see how it goes. :smile:


The mic doesn’t work well. I have the Nexus 7 on the wall in the living room, but it only picks me up when im within 2-3 meters. Not where i wanna use it for. Though i have a Smartwatch and i could use that, im looking for a solution for my wife also. The problem with echo is that im from the Netherlands and we (normaly :slight_smile: ) don’t speak english. If i could change the commands from echo, it would be interesting.

Thats indeed the solution, but i found it before you replied as you can read in my previous post. Still thanks though.

Oh! Well good job on Sharptools! :smiley:
I will pm/ tag you when i need help with it, thanks.
Like i told above i think im gonna need a echo too if i wanna use voice recognition in the livingroom. I hope there’s room to change the commands, that would be the only solution. Since my wife is not that fond of speaking english just to use the smarthouse :frowning:


So i got it working that my tablet uses continous autovoice.
But it seems that the mic only works within 2-3 meters.
i’d like to have a device which has a good mic, but where i can develop my own commands (so i’d like the mic from echo in my tablet :slight_smile: )
Sooo… i’m thinking a bit outside the box… Would a external mic, plugged into the tablet, work?

See tip nr 4:

I’m quadriparetic, so I’ve used a lot of voice technology. It’s really no different than a speakerphone. Even the very best units have trouble once you hit about 2 1/2 m. And most of them work best within 1 m.

that’s why I’ve been so amazed by the Amazon echo. :sunglasses: The farfield voice recognition is just astonishing. I haven’t seen anything that good even at the big medical centers.

Prior to the echo, most of the time if you wanted better distance, you wore a lapel mic or headset so the microphone was still close to you even though the receiver was up to 30 m away.

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Thanks @JDRoberts

Then i think there is no way around Echo. I hope there will be a method to change the commands one day.
All i have to do now is convince my wife that speaking english to our house is a part of our multicultural society :smile: