Automations vanish when switching drivers

I am sure i have swapped around Edge drivers in the past without loosing created automations

Recently i was playing with a Greenwave single socket, it joined with @Mariano_Colmenarejo driver, i added an automation to the device all good

Swapped the driver to a Smartthings beta driver and back to Marianos and the automation vanished ??

Please put my mind at ease, it has not always been like that, im sure it never used to happen

tried closing/reopening the app or checking

Was the automation using a capability not supported by the smartthings driver?

No, doing that had not occured to me as a fix

Not that i recal jimmy, the device is a simple power reporting socket, the automation would have been a simple on off automation

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My experience is that now routines are deleted if the capability or attribute used in the routines does not exist in the driver being changed to.
Before, the routine was not deleted, it was marked as an unknown action and it was automatically recovered when returning to the original driver.

Was reported two times.


Hmm, so i am not going mad Mariano lol