Automations slow to run

Hi all, I have various issues with my setup but thought I would start seeking advice with this one.

I have a v3 hub and several Sonoff T1 switches that are flashed with Tasmota. I am trying to get 2-way switching working, using the new Smartthings app I created some automations so when the downstairs switch is turned on, the upstairs switch turns on and vice versa. I set up on/off for the upstairs/downstairs switch.

In the app, if I toggle one of these switches on, the automation seems to run instantly, but if I turn the physical switch on/off then it takes around 30 seconds for the automation to run.

I had the live logging open and tested this, it looks as if the delay is caused by Smartthings not updating the switch status as when I physically turn it on there is nothing logged for approx 30 seconds and then both the switch on and automation is logged at the same time.

Does anyone know what causes this and how I can try to fix it? I just need Smartthings to see the status of a device has changed far faster than it is, I do not know if the switch is responsible for reporting to Smartthings or if Smartthings monitors the status.


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