Automations running late same day hub unplugged

Following the advice here, with nothing but good luck with SmartLighting (except for a couple of recent web service outages that prevented management) I migrated a number of local automations to native app. They had been running ok, but this Friday I had a number of automations run later than programmed. Friday evening I had a 11:15pm timed automation run, per History, at 11:29pm, and another timed automation at 11:30pm ran at 11:44pm – both 14 minutes late. WTH OMG really?

Anyone experience this.

The only oddity I can think of that day was I had powered down my batteryless V2 hub to reconfigure my UPS for a new cable modem. It was probably offline for about that many minutes Friday.

From Saturday, automations are seeming to run at the right time.