Automations on Home Monitor - alarm is triggered

Hi! Im setting up my home monitor system and really like the app and how its done. But a thing that i feel is missing is that when an alarm is triggered it only push one notification?

Is there a way to get smartthings to keep sending a notification until the alarm is disarmed? I cant seem to set any automation rules based on if the alarm is triggered.

Hey there! @Hulabandula Thanks for reaching out for assistance with reminder notifications. At this time there is not an In-App way of setting up Push Notification reminders.

Are you using an Andriod Device that you are receiving the push notifications on? There are two android features that come to mind that may assist you further.

Do you have swipe left or right to snooze enabled in the notification settings? You can swipe left or right> Select the Bell Icon> to have the notification pop back up in these intervals: 15mins, 30 mins, 1hr, 2hrs.

Additionally, You can set up Notification Reminders on your Android Device.
To set up a Reminder for a specific application Navigate to the Accessibility Options and Select Advanced Settings> Notification Reminders. Here you have the intervals of 3 mins, 5mins, 10mins, and 15 mins to have the notification pop up and repeat every time those intervals are met.

You also have the option to select which apps to receive these reminders from. However, keep in mind that this would set it for all Push notifications received from the selected app to repeat. If you are only using push notifications for the alarm triggered this would be a workaround with your Andriod Device.

I hope this message finds you well!


As a possible solution,

  • Create a simulated switch, for example with the name “Reminder”
  • Configure in the response of STHM, that it turns On a “Z” light of the house and the “Reminder” switch
  1. Automation

    • IF STHM is “Armed away”
      “Z” light is on

    • THEN Turn off “Reminder” switch

  2. Automation

    • IF STHM is “Armed away”
      “Reminder” switch is “Off” for “x” minutes
      House Z light is “on”
      THEN send a notification
      turn on “Reminder” switch and turn it off “x” minutes later.

This way you have a notification every X + X minutes while STHM is armed and the Z light in the house is on

You can repeat other automations like these for STHM “Armed Home”

You can also use 2 simulated switches or 2 lights in your house.
You can also use the siren activated and a light to do the automations.

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