Automations not working well today

Not sure what is going on SmartThings status says everything is operational, but I my end no automation’s are working well or some not at all. Status of devices in ActionTiles not correct. Items that are on show off. WebCore Pistons not running. Ask Alexa seems to be functional when I give it a command. I used Amazon Echo to turn on a Routine, one light went on then off at least twice then worked. I wonder if it is just in my area or all over. Mind you this has happened many times before.

I would get with Technical Support. My ST goes crazy sometimes but not quite like you described. Sounds like something is terribly wrong. Maybe they can look at the logs and pin point the problem…

I am leaving now, to beat the snow, or at least try. So I hope it corrects itself. As of a minute ago it took two tried with Echo to turn on a light an keep it on.