Automations not firing after reboot

ST Automations, with Mode and Presence-based functions, do not automatically execute when phone is rebooted. It’s only after manually opening the ST app that the Automations start to automatically execute. This happens with multiple phones in our home.

Any solution to this? For now, I have the ST app automatically opened upon each reboot via Tasker.

Automations do not run on or from your phone / SmartThings App(s).

They are stored in the SmartThings Cloud which uses their schedules or other triggering events to issue commands through your Hub (or through cloud to cloud connections) to the devices.

Your phone only used for touch-based commands, or presence sensing.

Thanks for the clarification. I should have mentioned, specifically, this has to do with Mode and Presence. I will update my issue for accordingly.

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Contact SmartThings Support.

Based on your problem description, this sounds like an App bug… Or your phone is preventing SmartThings from running in the background automatically in order to save battery (presence uses Location Services which uses GPS and Wi-Fi and can drain battery).

You may be able to adjust battery saving options in your phone settings.

What model phone?

This issue occurs on multiple phones in the home…

Samsung Note 8, Pie OS
Apple iPhone 7+, latest iOS

For my Android, I have both ST apps’ battery optimization disabled. Again, this is only upon rebooting the phone. Once rebooted and the ST app manually opened, connections remains.

Battery optimization is the only “customer controllable” thing that comes to mind, and if you’ve rules that out, it sounds like this is an App bug: but I have not read any other consistent reports from SmartThings users experiencing this.

Your only likely path to resolution is SmartThings Support (telephone recommended), as they:

  • Let you know if you are experiencing a known bug (SmartThings does not publish their open bug list)
  • and/or Check their internal logs or other diagnosis to see if there is some issue unique to your SmartThings Account that they could assist resolving.

Posting in this Forum isn’t a bad idea just in case this has been an ignored issue… but I suspect that if a lot of Customers had this; I would know about it.

Personally: Presence based automations have always been too flaky for me to ever consider using them.

Thanks for the feedback. I had already opened a tech report via the ST app Support, but a call makes sense. I had also removed my phone account, reset password, uninstalled and re-installed apps. That all said, this problem happens on an Apple phone as well. It’s interesting that no one else experiences this issue, or maybe most ST users don’t use Presence functionality.

If I may inquire…instead of Presence, what do you use? I previously used my home wifi, but I could not find a way to group home members together using different branded-phones. I suppose I could use IFTTT, but I wanted all home automation to be under one roof, sort-of-speak.

I don’t trigger any automations based on any sort of presence. I hear good things about the Life360 App & Service.

I use ActionTiles to arm/disarm/change mode, etc…

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Just to add to this…here’s another user who has the same trouble I do. I don’t think this is an isolated case. Let’s hope ST figures it out. I’ll report back herein if I get anywhere with their support team.

“Seems like I have to load the app on my phone to get it to trigger my location to STs. Life360 is an awesome app I’ve been using it for just over a year but I’m really getting tired of loading the app to get STs to know I’m home or away.”

Where is that use quite from?

Regardless - SmartThings can’t/won’t fix it unless a lot of customers contact Support.

This Community is not used to guage the prevalence of an issue.