Automations don't always appear in new app

I am using the SmartThings App, ver 1.6.51-435, on an iPhone running iOS 14 and periodically when I launch the app and access automations it doesn’t list any and displays the default screen as though I have never created any. Usually trying a few times fixes the problem. Does anyone else have this issue?

All the time! Another ‘feature’ for us to enjoy…


Yes. Just make sure you wait until STHM loads on dashboard before going into other sections

Happens to me as well. I just close down the app, restart and it usually works.

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The server times out while trying to load it, just close the page and open it again a few times. ST is aware of it (@jody.albritton @blake.arnold ) but it helps to send in a report with a screenshot to so they can prioritize fixing these performance/timing issues. @Dianoga we could definitely use your faster/more responsive web app tech here.