Automations and scenes broken in the new app

Automations involving presence and location mode as a preconditions don’t always trigger when they’re supposed to, trigger when they’re not supposed to, and sometimes they trigger repeatedly.

My scenes that are supposed to set about 5 different switches to an on or off position don’t work. Only 1 or 2 actually get controlled, and it’s different each time the scene is run. Even worse, some things are controlled opposite of what they’re supposed to do (on instead of off, etc.).

This morning it resulted in my Dome siren unexpectedly blaring at 6 AM and couldn’t turn it off from any of the emergency automation, scenes, buttons and keypads I set up as failsafes in case my wife or kid need to shut it off. I had to yank it off the wall and pull the batteries.

What a dumpster fire. Hubitat or HA, here I come.


Seeing similar issues

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