Automation with variables for devices names

I am new to this and I was wondering is there is a variable for devices names when sending a notification. I have about 10 doors and want to create an automation to notify me every time one of the doors open or close. I do not want to create 10 of these and it does look like I can add all 10 to the same automation. However, the notification under “Then” would send the exact same message. Is there any way to add a dynamic variable of the device name to a message?

You can create a separate automation for each door but the app doesn’t support names. You can create variables in webcore if you are familiar with the it (a bit of a learning curve). Alternatively, if you have access to rboy apps you can check out this app which was designed for this purpose which allows you to create customized flexible rules for one or multiple devices and even announce them if you have a compatible player/audio.