Automation with Schlage Connect only if keypad was used?

I recently got my first Smartthings Hub and started messing with automations. I have a simple automation setup on the app that tells a lamp to come on when the front door is unlocked. It works as expected, however, is there a way to set it up so it only completes the automation when the keypad on the lock is used to unlock the door? I don’t want the light to come on when the door is unlocked manually or through the app. The door events on the app are able to identify how the door was controlled, so I think it would be possible. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Yes, you can and while it seams like a simple automation that shouldn’t require 3rd party software…unfortunately that is not the case. Look into Core / Webcore, it will do that and more.

You can with this app if you have access to RBoy Apps

You can create separate actions for keypad locking/unlocking and manual locking/unlocking.

Thank you for the info. I did some research and installed Webcore. I haven’t had the time to start messing with creating the pistons, but I should hopefully be able to do that soon.