Automation, two (soon three) thermostats, different temperatures

Hi - new to SmartThings. In our vaca house we have electric baseboard heating and 3 separate thermostats I’d like to control, so we can warm the place up when we are on our way here.

The main living room one is a Honeywell (or will be once we get the right wiring in place) hooked to a relay, and the bedroom and bath are Stelpros hooked directly to the individual baseboard heaters.

We want to set different temps in each space (baby sleeps in bedroom, bath can stay cooler). When I go to the Automation tab on the iPhone app and create a Routine, I only appear to be able to set one common temperature for all thermostats. I can’t see how to set a different temp for each therm.

Is this possible or do I need a different app? Or do I need to get into coding?


That is a limitation with Routines. Most people don’t care, would guess 85-90% of people have a single thermostat.

I have 2 Nests, and when working on Nest manager we added a rule engine to handle this situation.

I believe you can use CoRe to do this. If Mode home then set temps accordingly. If you get into deep home automation you will eventually need to use CoRe. (CoRE - Things That Are Smart Wiki)

There is also this which may work if you want to avoid Core.


Hmmm, I have 2 Ecobee3 thermostats & when I set up any automation involving heat I can choose either one or both of them.

Through routines you can choose multiple but only a singe temp.

For example I would like my “Goodnight” routine to set the upstairs thermostat to 68 and the downstairs to 62. All the bedrooms are upstairs.

I have 2 Stelpro and three other Mini Split controllers. You just set a separate automation for each one that requires a different setpoint. They run separately, but at the same time.