Automation to turn on a second automation

I have an automation to lock a door after 20 minutes. Sometimes I turn it off because friends are coming and going. Can I create a second automation to turn the original automation back on after 4 hours incase I forget?

Usually the easiest way to do this is to create a virtual switch and have that virtual switch being on be a precondition for the automation. So the automation can only run if that virtual switch is on.

Now when you want to turn off the automation you just turn off the virtual switch.

And you can create another automation which will turn the virtual switch on again after four hours every time it is turned off if that’s what you want to do.

I’ll leave the details to others to discuss. :thinking:

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If you’re looking to have it turn back on automatically, then what @JDRoberts mentioned will work–setup another routine to turn the virtual switch back on after it has been off for X hours.

Another way, if you only want to turn it off manually, is to go into the ST app and toggle the automation off. I do that a lot when I’m trying to get an automation working the way I want, but it isn’t quite ready.

It’d be great addition if automations could be used as a trigger. I’d rather use automations as a trigger than create always new device. Considering the 200 device limit.