Automation to play music at random times during vacation?

Hello! I am looking to have music play at random times while I am on vacation. Not sure what I need to purchase to get this done. I would like the illusion that I am home with the music playing. The lights are easy to program for this but I can’t figure out what is needed for music. Thanks in advance.

It will depend in part on what devices you have available to play music. Specific brand and model. For example, do you have Sonos? Samsung speakers? An extra android device? Music stations on your television? A plug-in radio that comes back on after power is cut? Any DLNA speakers? Any music sources that are controllable from a Logitech Harmony hub?

It can definitely be done, but the first issue is what device will play the music. :musical_score:

Thank you for the reply. I do have an extra android device. I am willing to purchase anything at reasonable price to try to get this going. If the android setup will be easy I wouldnt mind going that route.

I forgot to add in thst I also have an Bluetooth LG sound bar.