Automation stopped working 2 days ago

I have ring motion sensors and hue lamps. All automation not working since 2 days ago. I tried deleting automation and recreating them but no success.

Hello, I’m experiencing similar problems. I have couple of automations setup

zwave door sensor opens anytime
Send text message
Record video clip on Samsung SmartThings Cam

I get the message but The camera has stopped recording suddenly

I have another rule for a thermostat. If someone sets the heat too high, it used to send a message to me and would set the temp to a certain value after 30 minutes.

It has stopped sending me the message, but resets the temp after 30 minutes.

Could you post an example screenshot of an Automation that is not working properly? What Device Type Handler is in use for the Ring Motion Sensors?

Thanks for sharing those, that is super helpful for context.

For the “Stelpro” one thing you will want to keep in mind is that the Thermostat’s Heating Setpoint would need to report less than 75 and then greater than (or equal to) 75 in order for this to execute. It will not execute if it repeatedly reports “76 degrees” as an example.

If you not receiving the SMS only, then that could be another issue outside the scope of what SmartThings can resolve, such as carrier blocking, for example.

For the SmartThings Camera one, since you aren’t limiting when to execute recording on this in any way, I’d just defer to using the “Quick Controls” within the Device’s “Settings” (Click into device → Three dot Menu → Settings → Record Automatically on motion → On). I could see why you might set it up this way, but it does look weird (Camera has to be on already to detect motion) and can be set elsewhere.

Hi Garrett

For stelpro, temperature reset works… it just stopped sending me the text messages. I don’t think it’s a carrier issue

For the camera, the automation I shared was a test because the built in function to record when motion/sound is detected quit working. See below for the actual rule I would like to use.

Please note that I do get the text message for door open/close, just the camera stopped recording

Hey thanks for following up, I again appreciate the context from the screenshot.

I went ahead and set up a nearly identical Automation on my own Location, and both aspects worked as expected (I also use Ecolink sensors for my doors).

Based on all that we’ve discussed, it seems like your Automations are working, but your SMS functionality is not.

We can definitely do a deeper dive on this if you contact Support, but I’d definitely check if you have the short code (844-647) blocked or if your carrier might have it blocked for some reason as well. If there might be another member of your household (or friend, neighbor, etc.) who has never “opted-in” to SMS from SmartThings, you could add them to an Automation, have them confirm via SMS, and then execute the Automation to help determine if its your number, your carrier, something with your SmartThings Location, or whatever the case may be.

All automation stopped working a few days ago. My motion sensor is ring door bell pro and lights r hue lights. See my screen shots.

I’d be happy to have a look @Eddy_Chu, although I’m not seeing any screenshots from you in thread yet. Perhaps there were issues uploading them?

Thanks for posting that @Eddy_Chu.

Quick sanity check for the Automation, does this work without the time restriction on the motion event?

@Eddy_Chu Also noticing the Automation says: “Sunset - Sunset” which may be the trouble if this is not simply a display issue. Try editing and using an explicit time frame to check.

I deleted the time restriction sunset to sunrise, but it still did not work

Sorry you’re still having trouble. Have you tried out removing the 2 second restriction? Are you sure the device is reporting motion?

The ring motion sensor is working properly. I get notification when motion sensor detects motion. I will try to remove the 2s limit to see if it works.

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I removed the sunset to sunrise and 2s motion, and the lights came on when motion was detected. Thank you for ur help n ur recommendations.

However, SmartThings have to correct problems with sunset to sunrise, and motion duration.

When I set from sunset to sunrise, after I saved it, it would turn from sunrise to sunrise. I don’t know why? Another program glitch?

They all worked fine before, so what caused the malfunction?

Yeah, this should just be a display issue with the iOS App. I’ve reported it as of 3/19/2021 and it’s being worked on. I don’t know if it’s even possible for you to have created a “Sunrise - Sunrise” (or “Sunset - Sunset”) Rule. I’d have to look at your account to do that, unfortunately I have to fly blind a bit when assisting via the Community.

Hi Garrett
I am still unable to get the SmartThings camera to record as part of the automation shown. The works anytime. Any thoughts? Thanks

In case you’d ask, I tried out without specifying from/to time first. When that didn’t work I’m trying specifying the timing…

I m not familiar with the SmartThings cam