Automation "Stays this status for how long?" Not Working (Aug 2022)

When making a routine, for the “If” statement, there is an advanved option: “Stays this status for how long?”. When I choose a time for this advanved option the result does not save. I’ve tried on multiple routines and tried remaking the routines. Any ideas on how to make the “Stays this status for how long” function work?

iOS or Android? Which version is the app? Can you post a screenshot of the Routine to see the other conditions in it?

A user was reporting an issue with the iOS app today using range and stays this status earlier today.

This is on iOS. The app version is 1.6.89.

It’s a bug in iOS. I reported it to support, but you should also to add urgency.


I’ve sent Smartthings support an email so hopefully they fix this issue.