Automation Routine and Time

I have a ST V2 hub that has been running along quite well for the last 9 months or so. The last couple of days I have noticed that my time based routines are behaving oddly. For example, I have a “Good Morning” routine that unlocks my kitchen door lock and garage door lock at 6:30 AM. I’ve not previously had time issues like many others here (at least that I am aware of). From the logs I can that the routine executes but then the locks do not actually unlock for another hour. Same thing is happening on the night time routine that locks the doors but that one is locking one right away and the other an hour later. This mornings log is c/p below. Any suggestions? I’ll chat with support as well once they are open.


2017-06-06 7:30:48.570 AM MDT
42 minutes ago DEVICE lock unlocked Kitchen Door is unlocked
2017-06-06 7:30:46.949 AM MDT
42 minutes ago DEVICE lock unlocked Garage Door is unlocked
2017-06-06 6:30:40.469 AM MDT
2 hours ago APP systemStatus off Security system is set to Disarmed
2017-06-06 6:30:40.353 AM MDT
2 hours ago LOCATION API routineExecuted 247ecb0f-6d92-4772-8e0a-2ed21… Good Morning! was executed
2017-06-06 5:48:41.995 AM MDT
2 hours ago DEVICE temperature 67 Motion Sensor was 67°F
2017-06-06 5:41:00.062 AM MDT
3 hours ago DEVICE temperature 70 Front Door was 70°F
2017-06-06 5:34:00.324 AM MDT
3 hours ago LOCATION API sunrise true It is now sunrise