Automation - open gate from trigger MyQ?

Does anyone know of a way to create an automation that when a smoke/fire is triggered, the gate is opened (Liftmaster/Chamberlain with MyQ).

I cant find any integration with MyQ and Smartthings currently.

I struggled with a solution like this for quite some time. Every device maker wants to tie you into their product line at the exclusion of everybody else. This solution will work for most devices that have a ‘remote’ generating a trigger. They are all either RF or IR. Very simply you choose a remote simulator hub and ‘learn’ the remote, integrate the hub into Smartthings and then teach Alexa how to talk Smartthingy.

The simulator hub needs to be carefully chosen. If you are doing the smart home thing you will want to choose a hub that can do IR and RF and at many different frequencies also. You will also want to make sure that it’s output of those signals is strong enough to reach your devices and all the while being compatible with Smartthings.
I chose the Bond Hub. It will learn both IR and RF, automatically sense the frequency (0 through 900Mhz) or you can set it manually down to 2 decimal places, for each remote it is emulating. It also has sufficient oomph to work my gates 45 yards away. If you are thinking roller blinds, multi speed ceiling fans and dimming lights and garage doors and gates then this hub is a must.
Bond has a simple app with a 3 step learn process for the remote.
Once the learning is done, chose the integration tab on the Bond app. It allows you to switch on Alexa, Google or Smartthings (or all 3).
Next step is open Smartthings and add the hub device. Bond is one of the available choices. Add connected devices from the settings menu. Your remote will now be an available device - put it in a room of your choosing. As is normal, Smartthings does not have options for open, close, stop etc it’s either a light or a switch.
As this is a momentary remote with a simple press to open, press again to stop and press yet again to close, we do not need to use specific on or off or stop buttons. Each press of the power button will cycle the next function. You can build automations using this remote also.
If you want to add to Alexa then you simply add the Smartthings device as usual. Also as usual, Smartthings doesn’t understand open, close, stop etc it only has switches and lights - so on or off. Your commands would be “Alexa, Switch gate on” or “off”.
If your family doesn’t quite understand your genius, then train Alexa to understand your language.
In Alexa, simply choose ‘Routines’, give it a name ‘Open Gate’ and tell Alexa what to trigger on ‘Alexa, open the gate’ .
Lastly tell Alexa what to do. Choose ‘Smart Home’ and then select your new device “Gate” and power on. You can create a new command for ‘Close Gate’ and ’ Stop Gate’ also, just use the same action “Gate” and power on - remember that as with the clicker you are simply going to step from function to function. If the gate is closed it will open. If its open then it will close and if its moving it will stop.