Automation not triggering?

I have an automation that when all my doors (roughly 10 doors) are closed, to close an edge virtual switch. If one of these 10 doors are open, then open the virtual switch.

This automation seems to fail quite often and the virtual switch fails to close, even though all the doors are closed.

Is this just too many sensors on a single automation, or perhaps a door opens and closes too quickly for ST to trigger the automation?

This can definitely be an issue for either zwave or Zigbee devices, as if the door opens and closes under 3 to 4 seconds it is possible for the messages to arrive out of sequence if they took a different route to the hub.

What’s the brand and model of the sensors?

You can sometimes correct this by adding an additional repeater of that protocol fairly close to the sensor, like a smart plug, but no guarantees.

also share a screenshot of your Routines that are being used :slight_smile:

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I suspect the doors that are giving me the issue are hardwired sensors that utilize Konnected. My “history” tab on ST has been super glitchy lately, so hard to narrow down.

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I solved the delay issue for my use case. I ended up saying “If open for more than 1 minute” and seems to have fixed my problem! This will still allow me to monitor if a door was left open at night.