Automation not "automating"

I’m trying to set up a really simple automation for use with my new Key Fob. The key fob works. The automation works. But when I automate the automation to trigger with the key-fob…nothing.

Here is the automation. Nothing complicated. Lock the front door. Change mode to away. And (unseen) arm alarm (away).

Here is the automating part. Press the button. I’ve tried with and without the days checked.

Here is the recent activity to confirm that Smart things is seeing the fob.

Yes, I know that I can do it in WebCore. It just seems that something this simple should work. Am I missing something stupid?

Brand and model of the key fob? And are you using the classic app or the connect app?

Also, your post says “change the mode to away” but your screenshot has change the mode to home.

I don’t know what happens if you are already in the home mode in that case.

It is the AEOTEC key fob and I’m using the classic App.

Actually there are two “automations” one for home, one for away. Neither does anything. :frowning:

I just made an even simpler “automation” and it doesn’t work.

This should turn on a light when button three of the key fob is pressed.

When I press the automation tile in the APP. It works. When I press the button, NADA.

This is the action…

This shows that this “automation” should be performed when the specified button is pressed or held.

This shows that the button that should activate the Automation is Key Fob - Kia - Button 3

This shows that I actually pressed the button.

I’m dumbfounded.

Even the IDE sees the FOB and that it is in the “automations”

OK, I think that I have something, but I’m not sure what.

When I went to the App, to try to virtually press the buttons, I saw this…

Anyone know what to do with/about “something wrong”?