Automation network error

I’m a long term ST kickstarter/Webcore heavy user :wink:
I started my son on ST at X-mas for his house and he is running into an error that I get as well if I use his account (remotely) on the new app. I never use the built in automations so there may be an issue that is common to some folks.
We have set up a simple IF either of 2 motion sensors see motion then TURN ON 6 lights. This fails to save as I get a network error. (so does he locally) The automation still seems to run but only on 4 of the 6 lights so it apparently saved something.
Maybe the automation has a limit of 4 devices?

Does he have many automations or automations that control many devices? There is a set limit… I need to find the thread…

No, he has only set up 4 simple on/off Automations for single lights

Update, seems a hub reboot smartened up the app :thinking:

You know, I had some similar issue with a Wemo Mini Switch turning on or off via ST new app. It gave network errors too, this was earlier today. I had assumed it was a Wemo related issue, but maybe there is something more smart things fishy here. And maybe it is resolved…