Automation in new app to disarm STHM

So got migrated and had to rejigger a whole lot of things, most of which I got working with much pain but my disarming of STHM and related mode change still gives me issues.

I have deleted and recreated this Automation a few times now with same problem.

My trigger event is when my phone returns home after being away for 10mins. The issue is after I create this Automation after a while I’ll go back into the app and notice that my phone is no longer set as the ‘who’ of the trigger. My arming automation works just fine, and has saved the ‘who’ for like 2 weeks now. But disarming it just disappears. It looks like it saves it, and will stick there for a while. But say I set it now, Ill check back in a few hours just to check…and it will be gone. Also have tested it and it indeed doesnt work when like this.

Any ideas? When I leave I set mode to away, arm STHM, and push a notification (nice that this is now a thing I will say that). Then when i return home >10mins away it should disarm STHM, set mode home, turn on a couple lights. But for whatever reason my phone disappears from this automation.