Automation fail to do all actions

I’ve recently migrated to Smartthing Connect and all old smart lighting working and a bunch of new automations. All have worked flawlessly for a month or more. This morning, however one failed to issue two of three commands; all are time duration events. The automation turn on three devices at 7pm, and turns off a light after 12 hours, another after 30 minutes later, finally turning off a third light 60 minutes later. In looking at the logs, the ‘off’ commands were never issued for the first and second light. the third was out.
Any ideas why this might occur? And how to prevent?

Sometime around 7am ET, there was an outage

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Appreciate the information. Spent time going over all the logs, even the RPi logs looking for an interruption. With this issue, there was no indication, just Commands not firing. Internal appCommands functioned normally.
Again jkp, thanks.

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