Automation creation : Actions in IF cond. not available anymore in THEN ... is foolish restriction!

In the new app - Automation I believe this is a serious limitation whereby an action once selected can’t be selected again in the next block - i.e. the THEN block of code.
As an example - I want to:
SHM = Armed (Away) and either of the 2 adults arrive home
Set location = Home ## this is allowed
Set SHM = Armed (Stay) ## this is not possible as since the SHM block was selected above (in IF) it stops to appear in then THEN section !!

The end result is I have to create 2 automations to circumvent this stupid limitation.

Also - it’s either all “AND” conditions (in IF block) or all are OR conditions. They have not provided ANY gate operators like AND, OR, XOR, etc. to fine tune the IF condition.

The entire implementation of routines as in now stands is pathetic and childishly implemented. Rather than re-invent the wheel they should have taken what’s GREAT in SM Classic and ported it.

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I wanted to turn a light off 2 minutes after it was turned on. As you say, if you select something in the IF section, you don’t seem to be able select it again in the THEN section. Quite a limitation!

Problem #2 - their schedules doesn’t seem to work too.

Created a pseudo automation called it “Good Morning”

time = sunrise - 30
Location Mode = Night
Anyone one of the presence (iPhones) are present
Set SHM = Disarned
Set Location = Home
Send Push Notifications

Did it work: NO!!

So it looks like you have graduated beyond custom automations. if you’ld like to continue to progress with mildly complicated rules you should look into webcore.

Sorry did not like webcore. Been there done that. It’s powerful but mistakes are costly. This thread is mostly about the shortcomings of the Automation suite as provided by Samsung. Which in my humble opinion is a work of a child.

How are webCoRE mistakes ‘costly’?

In my implementation I just check to see if someone came home and if so then change STHM to disarmed. If it’s already disarmed there is no issue.

If something goes wrong in webcore programming which I have done (unfortunately) caused my entire hub to go offline.

  1. That works Mike12 but the location will not change to HOME. THe issue is further automation (if any)
    and where you reference the Location parameter might throw automation into disarray.

  2. Problem 2 would be a drive-by problem. Where due to geofencing you reach and STHM disarms but you actually don’t enter the home. Your home in the meantime got disarmed.

Hmm. Interesting. Never had that happen but I’m sure it’s possible. Thanks for your response.