Automation conflicts after Button name change

I have one Smartthings Button.

The one you can press once, twice or hold it.

I had an old Automation that when I used my button X, Y, and Z happened (as you can imagine).

But, I changed the name of the button, repositioned it in my home and changed what pressing once, twice and holding the button would trigger.

Now, for some reason, my hub or my automations are behaving in a strange way.

Sometimes it runs the old Automation (at least that’s what it looks like according to the History) and not the new one.

I know (or maybe I’m guessing) because right now I have my button to turn on/off some lights.

When it works correctly, HISTORY shows that the button was pressed and an specific Automation runs.

When it doesn’t work correctly (lights don’t turn on or off), History shows that the the old button’s name was pressed an another Automation runs (with a different number than the right automation)

I’m attaching pictures.

Where are you setting this up? in the new app? Can you show a screenshot of that setup?

So is ‘Alarm Rescue Button SECRET 1’ the old name for the bedside lamps button? Assuming it is, what I see is:

If the bedside lamps button is PRESSED, the Alarm Rescue Button SECRET 1 Pressed automation is activated, and so is the ButtonAutomation…96 automation. The logs don’t indicate any results from this.

If the bedside lamps button is HELD, the Alarm Rescue Button SECRET 1 Held automation is activated, as is the ButtonAutomation…26 automation (TWICE), and the two lights turn on.

I would actually say the Alarm Rescue Button … automations are the correct automations, albeit showing under an old name, and the ButtonAutomation … automations are probably the ghosts. There are two numbers because one is for pressed and one for held.

I just see lights coming on when the button is held and nothing when the button is pressed. It doesn’t look right but it seems consistent. Obviously I’m only seeing a partial history though.

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