Automation 200 limit?

Sorry, I don’t have information about that. Perhaps the SmartThings Customer Support team knows more, they handle the requests/issues related to the SmartThings app that are non-developer related.

You can contact them by following these steps:

  1. Enter this page
  2. Click on “Support” in the upper-right corner
  3. Check if the URL includes your region. For example, en-us here:
  4. At the bottom, select “email” and describe your issue as detailed as possible.
  5. Click on “submit”
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I have the same question. The 200 limit is really annoying.

But I can’t see any possibility to send email to Smartthings - there is no option on their webpage in “Support”.

There should be an option on this page

At the bottom, there’s the option to send an email

But, you can send an email to directly.

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That’s the US page. The contact options vary depending on the country you are in.

Open the SmartThings app.

Tap MENU in the lower right.

Select Contact Us on the next page and you should see the options for your region.


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The email is for all users, if you receive a reply saying they cannot help you because you’re not in the US, please let me know.


Really… UK based and that is the only response I have ever had from that address, over a period of years!

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Yes, both Smartthings UK

And SmartThings Canada

Have their own email addresses and the one on the US page will tell customers in those regions to use those, which can mean a delay of several days before you get a response telling you you’ve written to the wrong place. :disappointed_relieved:

The safest thing, as long as the app will open, is to use the Help within the app, as that will send you to the Help desk Samsung has assigned your account to.

Otherwise, you can always write to the US address, just be prepare for delays if you are out of region,


Thank you for the info, @JDRoberts, @TheHundredthIdiot.
I’ll report this to the internal team because I’ve seen it’s not possible for everyone to use the app to report problems.
So, the alternative is to enter the corresponding webpage and wait for the team’s response.


Smartthings Uk in my experience has been very good, infact they chase issues if you report them, they dont just give up.

@orangebucket recently mentioned in another thread to remove the samsung members app if its installed as it stops the ability to send logs from the app to support, big thanks to Graham for that


That was infuriating. For ages I would see users being advised to go to ‘Contact us’ and ‘Report a problem’ and I’d say that in the UK all I got was a Samsung Members page with dozens of links for sending queries, which if you were lucky would be dumped in a Samsung support mailbox and never answered. If you were unlucky they were answered. There was a rumour that one of the links actually got you SmartThings support but I never found it. Then one day I deleted the useless Samsung Members app I’d been badgered into installing a long time before and I got the proper SmartThings app menu back. That is bonkers.


Exactly what happened to me recently Graham, i was asked to send a log following all the instructions given, which i did but it went to … Samsung support not Smartthings, Samsung support were confused as to why i had sent it, St support said they couldnt find it… i dont get a lot of time to faff around and the logs need to capture events which just happen, not happened days ago.

It was a mess in the end and my issues ceased so no one got to the bottom of the problem

I have not tried to cap or send a log with the members app removed yet but hopefully from now on, with your tip, i might be able to accomplish the task successfully

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Nor have I, but at least I have grounds for optimism that it might work now.