Automation 200 limit?

How can we go over the 200 automatons and scenes limit? Its on android and OS

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well, right now you cant as they closed the loop hole. the only way to get over 200 right now is put another hub on another account. the 2 separate hubs wont be able to community together.

I started using sharptools and switched my cloud based and non-essential automations to their rule engine. It works well but there is a slight delay in execution.

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The question is about the Automation and Scenes limit, not the limit on devices.

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I’m curious where you’re seeing the 200 automation limit? I’m currently at 126 in the mobile app between Scenes and Automations. That will only go up as a start moving devices to Edge drivers and therefore the automations to the Automation creator in the app.

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oh shit, well lets wait and see what david says

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It flashed on the app screen when I tried to add an automation. Didn’t know about it until then.

interesting. Many months ago there was a “behaviors” limit that was pretty low (100?). Whenever it was hit, the + sign was no longer actionable. But they raised it since then and I haven’t hit whatever the new limit is yet.

Is there a way to see which automations scenes are used in?

In the Android app you just open the Scene and it says at the bottom.

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LOL I take back my comment. I had never seen that :slight_smile:

@OferDV do you have >200 Automations+Scenes or >200 Automations alone?

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Both…, but >200 devices you can do with iPhone. No workaround for >200 automatons / sences

wow, ok. the work around would be to use another rule creator. If you want to stick with the Rules API, you could write the rules in JSON and post the rules with Postman. I have a handful of simple ones published this way. The other, more risky, option is to use something like Webcore or SharpTools rule builders. But they are currently Groovy SmartApps and, as far as we know, Groovy is going away the end of this year.

edit: one more, and probably your best, option: make some rules in the Samsung Automation Studio.


We (SharpTools) have been working with the SmartThings team to transition to the next gen APIs. :smiley:

The SmartThings community is stuck between Groovy and the next gen platform with stuff spread across both. I’m hopeful that once the new Edge Drivers go live (production) that we’ll see some progress forward. There’s a contingent of community members hanging on to custom Groovy DTHs as there hasn’t really been an alternative up until the Edge Drivers announcement a few weeks ago. It probably sounds scary to the contingent of SmartThings power users with lots of custom DTHs, but getting to the point where the bandaid can get ripped off will help the rest of the platform move forward.


I personally prefer YAML and the CLI but then I find Postman a right mess.

In the Guardrails and Rate Limits document there is an install limit for user Rules of 100. That is laughably small. However the same document also seems to claim users can be in 50 locations, even though it is 10 elsewhere, so I don’t know how accurate it is.


Any update on this?? I just hit the 200 wall and need LOTS more.

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@nayelyz Any news when the 200 rule limit will get lifted as @SmartThings staff mentioned before? 400/600 I’m expecting.


Perhaps it will be lifted when they all run locally.