Automating Sauna - Remote Switch to Zwave or Wifi

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First post here, although I have used this forum extensively for setting up my home, so a belated thanks to everyone.

I am looking for a way to turn my sauna on remotely. It comes with a remote switch that functions as a momentary relay (afaik). I have included the wiring diagram in the package that I got.

When pressed the the switch has a blue led that turns on, and the sauna starts, when pressed again the led goes off and the sauna turns off.

I would like to hook it up to either a zwave or wifi switch that can be accessed and scheduled through smartthings. I have been looking at devices like this, However this is a bit beyond my expertise.

Ideally I could wire this in tandem, so that I could still use the remote switch or smartthings. I would like to maintain the functionality of the led to notify me if the sauna is on, and have a similar notification in smartthings. For example if I start the sauna from the control panel inside, the app would notify me that the sauna is on, the same way the blue led comes on on the switch.

Any help or guidance would be really appreciated. I just need to know where to get started.

I also found this link which shows a very similar switch to what came with the device.



First question: what country are you in? The device selection does vary. :sunglasses:

Second question: Will it be safe if the sauna turns on by itself, say in the middle of the night, and runs for 8 to 10 hours unattended before anyone realizes that it’s on? Because anything operating on the smartthings platform may occasion randomly activate. It doesn’t happen often, and it doesn’t happen to everyone, but it definitely can happen.

(I myself don’t connect anything to smartthings that wouldn’t be safe if it ran for 24 hours unexpectedly.)

I am in Canada.

I did not know that about smartthings, however the sauna controller itself can be programmed for set runtime, 1 hr (default) , 6 hr and 24 hr. It is programmed for 1 hr max, so it should be totally safe. On a side note, it is also wired with cabling and a breaker for continuous use, like a heater. So if there where multiple false starts, there would be no issue.

The sauna room is always kept in a fashion so it can be turned on remotely. Also when leaving the house for any length of time, the plan is to use the disconnect for the sauna, as a just in case.


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Just following up to see if anyone has had any thoughts on this problem. Really appreciate any insights.