Automating Profiles (Home, Away etc)


There are multiple profiles such as home/away, etc. Is there a way to automate these profiles so it detects when you leave the house or is it only manually set?

Thanks in advance!

There are a number of rules you can choose from.

Go to Hello home, click the gear, then the action, then scroll down and tap “Automatically perform…”

I also use this for goodnight

when no motion is detected in the living room between the hours of 10pm and 2am and the bedroom light is turned off

I’m a little confused. There’s functions for setting to “Home” “Away” and “Night”. I see those can be used as triggers for some actions. Then I see the “Goodbye”, “Hello home” etc. functions as well. What’s the difference between these two?

Yes, modes are somewhat confusing. Think of it as a global state associated with each Location. At any given moment, Location can be in only one particular mode, for example Home, Away or Night. Mode can be changed programmatically by various SmartAps, based on certain events and conditions, for example time of day, someone present or leaving, etc. or manually using the mobile app. When the mode changes, a mode change event is generated, so that other apps and devices can adjust to the new mode. Thus modes serve as a cue to allow all SmartAps to change their behavior.

The “Hello Home” phrases, which are confusingly also called “modes” are just built-in SmartApps that are similar to macros in other home automation systems that allow executing multiple actions using single command. One of these actions can actually be changing the mode.

Hope I have not confused you even more. :smile:

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Geko, that was quite helpful actually. I set it up correctly now. Thanks!

New user - cannot locate the ‘Hello Home’ function you are talking about. Thanks in advance!

You need to navigate to the Dashboard and click on a little “chat” icon in the upper right corner. You’ll see “Change mode and more” at the very bottom of the page. That’s “Hello Home”.

Might be a little late, but check out this article. It’s a great one.