Automatic Pro & Stringify

So, I have an automatic pro 3g in my wife’s car and have an automation setup for when she leaves to automatically close the garage door and lock the doors, and to open the garage door, unlock the door from the garage to the house once she re-enters the geofence area, all done via IFFT. Problem is, IFFT is waay too slow and unreliable, only works correctly about 30% of the time, typically causing the garage door to reopen once she’s already back in rhe house due to delay. I’ve tried to replace this with Stringify instead but Stringify doesn’t have the geofence capabilities with automatic enabled. At least I can’t find anywhere the ability to do geofence with automatic in stringify. Am I just missing how to so it? If not, any suggestions of a different alternative or the best way to get that into stringify?

Hi - were you able to figure things out? I just implemented Stringify with a “neighborhood” geofence that triggers a ST virtual switch in my home location, which in turn triggers a SmartApp that does does additional logic and opens the garage door. Seems to work pretty well and more reliable than IFTTT.

I haven’t because Stringify didn’t have GeoFence for the Automatic Pro. How do I setup a ‘neighborhood’ geofence to accomplish the same?

The way I approached it was to only use Stringify to trigger a ST device based on a geo fence I defined in Stringify: When you create your Stringify flow, you use the Location ‘thing’ as your trigger and that lets you define whatever geo fence you want. For the action, I had set up a virtual switch in ST which I gave Stringify access to. Then I have a SmartApp monitor that virtual switch and take whatever actions I wanted (in my case, open the garage door). WIth this approach, Stringify doesn’t have to know anything about your Automatic Pro device. I’m assuming ST does support Automatic Pro, so you would do the same thing as I did and have all your real control logic happening within ST. Hope that makes sense.