Automatic on/off light schedule GE weatherproof outdoor switch

I have a GE weatherproof outdoor switch with an outdoor light connected to it. In my app I have it set to turn on at sunset and shut off at sunrise with an offset of -360 minutes(6 hours). Since installation it has been turning on at sunset, and was turning off at sunrise -360. But since sunrise is now 6:07am and gaining 1 or 2 minutes a day it should turn off at 12:07am give or take a few minutes. But it always shuts off at 11:55pm. Earlier this summer when sunrise was 5:30am, the light would shut off at 11:30pm etc. But now that it should shut off just past midnight it always shuts off at 11:55pm. Never 11:54pm, never 11:56pm, always 11:55pm. Always. Any ideas?

An interesting experiment would be to reduce the negative sunrise offset so it doesn’t straddle the day rollover at midnight. [Depending on how time is calculated, there could be an issue. Sometimes test cases aren’t as thorough as they should be or this use case wasn’t considered.]

Earlier in the summer it worked correctly. When sunrise was at 5am it would shut off at 11pm (360 minutes before sunrise), and worked correctly shutting off at 11:03, 11:05 etc. it’s only now that it needs to shut off after midnight and it won’t, it always shuts off at 11:55pm

I deleted the lighting profile and re-created a new one, tested it yesterday, and everything came on and shut off as planned.