Automatic now works with Nest

Interesting - seems to make sense. I’m not sure how it would work in a multi-car household. I would love to see something like this with ST. However, Automatic has an advantage over ST in that it knows when your car is moving, not just you…which is generally a better indicator you are heading home.

Some things to ponder for future integrations…

I’ve used Automatic with ST (via IFTTT) for about 6 months now. It works great with a geofence in the app to run a hello home phrase when I arrive home.

The thing about Automatic is it depends on your phone’s connection. I’ve had a couple of instances where I didn’t turn on Bluetooth or somehow too many apps running on the background, and Automatic didn’t connect. I’m thinking that Life360 might be a better solution.

With that said, I’m looking into writing a device type for this later.

I got Automatic to diagnose a car problem I was having. It worked out well reading me the code. However has caused a lot of Bluetooth Interference in my car when on the phone. I wouldn’t recommend it. There is a long thread about this on their community site.

My wife’s phone always pairs, but mine is finicky. The latest version gives an audible signal indicating pairing success or failure. Can be awkward pulling over to troubleshoot pairing, but at least you can stay on top of it.

Hmm, may need to unplug mine and test it. I have been having issues with phone audio cutting in and out lately. Wonder if it’s reated

I’m so glad you mentioned this. Looks like I have the same problem with BT interference. Hope there’s an eventual fix since it didn’t used to do that

Check out this thread:

They asked me to be a Beta tester but I don’t have the energy or time now for that. For now, I keep it unplugged and keep it in case I need to read an engine code. Eventually they will fix it and I will plug it back in. I also found the IFTTT integration with it very unreliable. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Dash is probably a better option since it’s Wifi based, but then it drains your car battery from what I understand.

Wow, never realized that Automatic was causing this issue…

They have kept it under low wraps. For awhile, they were blaming Apple, but I think they realize people are going to choose an iPhone over their piece of hardware and they would lose that battle. They now are trying to solve the issue.

I use Dash in my car. It is quite similar to Automatic. Dash provides the app and you can use any bluetooth or wifi OBD2 with it. I recently created an IFTTT recipe with Dash and Smartthings. When my car engine is turned off in my garage or driveway my schlage door lock unlocks. I have also set it up to lock the door when the car starts and leaves my driveway.

I really like Dash and Smartthings. IFTTT provides some great integration options.

Have an automatic ST app working - good for presence and a couple of other things - like opening and closing the garage door (don’t like using my phone because I walk a lot and it is annoying to have it open and shut a lot)… Also has ignition-on / off so I know it is the car and not phone related! Any willing testers?

I could try it out for you. I"m not sure what I would use it for since there are other presence options.

Does it expose the gas tank level?

If your car supports the fuel-level feature through the port (not all do) it can give you a “low-fuel” alert but not the level itself…

I need a few more days to work out some Automatic Oauth issues that are prohibiting other users at this moment - but I expect them to release that status as soon as they verify that the app is working correctly

I am willing to test. I’ve been wanting to work on an app for ST, haven’t got around to it yet. I’m sure you’re utilizing it’s webhook for ignition, right?

Lots of web hooks - the integration is a bit tricky in that all of the hooks come through a specific url to our servers and then have to be distributed - this along with the fact that the users have to grant access to the specific scope in the Oauth which also has to go through the middle man server- so there is a lot of “non ST” exterior processing going on… This seems to be a theme that I am running into in a lot of situations - Automatic, NEST, NetAtmo, and a couple others… We are working on making a server app / ST app available for ST so as to register your & access token and use the static url for both authentication and web hooks… We are in development and hoping to release a beta before the end of the month

I would love to test if the option is still available.

We are in final stages of testing our ST-Other web portal - once completed I will release for general testing - I think we are still about 1 week away

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Definitely interested in this as I just ordered one… Subscribed !

As someone stated earlier, this is very unreliable. I have it set to go through the Nest home process when I start my car while at Work after 4pm. I would say I get the confirmation text about 40% of the time.