Automatic mode changes not working on everybody left

I’m trying to work out if I I’ve done something wrong or if there is anything at fault.

I’ve setup the default goodbye routine to change the mode to away when both my wife and I leave (based on our iPhones). I’m finding that in the Notifications it shows that we have both left, but the state change doesn’t occur. Therefore things I have setup to work when Away do not run. If I manually click Goodbye they do trigger.

Interesting the automatic arrival change and associated mode change do work though.

Any suggestions?

Try Rule Machine instead, it should work for you.

If you email support they will refresh your routines for you. Of course, this is only a short term fix until the platform takes a dive again.

I’ve had good luck with Rule Machine as Bruce suggests.

I had a reply from support saying the away detection and routing triggering has been broken for around a month and they hope to fix it soon.