Automatic is bricking gen 1 and 2 car adapters on August 31st 2019

Another bad mark on Iot, Automatic bricking a few years old, $100 hardware, just because they can.

“With these advances in our technology, the Classic adapter and app will no longer be supported after August 31, 2019 . After that date, the 1st and 2nd Gen adapters will no longer work.”

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Double ouch! :rage:

As I’ve mentioned before, I now budget my Home Automation Purchases for a three-year replacement cycle, assuming That either the company will change something Or there will be a newer solution I like better.

But killing a service all together two years after release seems extreme. There has to be something they’re not telling us, a fatal flaw or security issue. Or they’re running out of money and are desperate to cut support costs.

It can’t be a Coincidence that they picked the same date as Google, they probably hope to draw less attention in the bigger storm.


I think their decision is purely for monetary reasons. Let’s not forget that SiriusXM bought them 2 years ago. And we know that nothing is free at SiriusXM :slight_smile:

“For Automatic users, the change won’t provide any disruption to their device use, Automatic says.”

Aha! Yeah… ^^^^^ LOL

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