Automatic cooking machine

(splendid) #1

last day my roommate bought an automatic cooking machine, and it usually takes 5-10 mins to fish one dish, and the taste is not really bad, anyway, i don’t think there is a need to buy one, i prefer to cook for myself. any ideas?

(Mark) #2

Not really sure what you’re asking…

(Eric) #3

yes good idea. Full speed ahead. Fish many dishes.


image ??

(Mark) #5

My wife is an amazing automatic cooking machine.

But every time I tell her that, she stops cooking food for me.

What gives?

(Eric) #6

Asking another woman might help - what does your girlfriend say?

Another splendid idea - no charge.

(splendid) #7

no, not of this kind machine:joy:

(splendid) #8

i will share the picture of this cooking machine later:grin:

(splendid) #9


this is the cooking machine, LOL, it need to connect with Wifi and smartphone to enable the function, and at the same time you need to order the packaged ingredients from a specialized store before cooking, which means you can only use the ingredients the manufacturer provide.

(Eric) #10

I suspect this might become the “Thread of the Week”!