Automatic (connected car device) now at 20% off


I’d like to share an amazing offer by Automatic (the connected car device), see

You can use IFTTT to integrate it (partially) with SmartThings.

To buy the device, use the link below:


Wow that’s expensive. You can get generic BT data port adapters off Amazon for ~$20 and use (at least on Android) free or $5 apps to get the data stream. I’ve had one in my car for quite a while.

I guess that’s some fancy software :smile:

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It is overpriced but I’ve found its simplicity makes it reliable since December. Never fails to log trips and mpg on google drive or text my wife for shopping list when I’m near the supermarket on the way home etc etc. Also integrates with Jawbone Up and others. Good backup to make sure your garage door is closed etc.

Make sure it’s the newer version, which integrates with DashCmd and other apps. If you have the older version, you can get $20 off if you contact support.

I’ve found the older version does everything the new version does as relates to automation and integration. The newer version just streams stuff like engine RPMs and other stuff I haven’t cared about since I was 16 years old. :smile:

Only the bottom three apps in this list benefit from the 2nd generation device.

Fair point. This is basically the reason I haven’t replaced mine :smile:

Hi guys,

I’m currently working on some cloud-to-cloud integration with Automatic.

Check it out!

See My Automatic Device at:

@yvesracine ,

  1. can this device tell you the car battery voltage/% after the car is off? Or does the app present simply the last known voltage/%.

  2. it connects via your phone right - can it connect after the engine is off?

I’d like to log my battery after the car is parked for the night, and notify if it falls to some low level.

Hi @ero4444,

  1. No, the Automatic Car connected device does not report any battery voltage…

2.No, it cannot connect after the engine is off.