Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Plenty of ideas here in the community but they seemed a bit complicated. Easiest solution I found was:

I had a cutting board which slides nicely in the aluminum track. Track is from Hone Depot. So I just bought the motor on Amazon:

Even easier is to get the motor/door all assembled. Also on Amazon:

You just plug the motor transformer into a smartthings 110VAC outlet and you’re ready to do whatever Automations and SmartApps allows you to do with the smartThings outlet.

I did add a contact sensor to the door to confirm open/close state.


Nice write up. :sunglasses:

In the last few years there have been many more kits that came on the market, so there are a lot more choices than when the original Community project reports were written.

Very similar solution I’ve had running for about 5 years now but not without some hiccups.
What’s nice lately is the Automations in the new app allow a little more logic instead of the Smart Lighting schemes I’ve had in the past. For example, now I can add some logic to the “Close Chicken Door” routine that won’t turn on the Smart Switch if the chicken door sensor shows its already closed. Some nights we liked to get the chickens in the coop and close it up before we left home for an evening as we live on a creek and there are plenty of predators around. Previously I had to use virtual switches to get that level of logic and for workarounds.
The only thing that would be better is if Automations would run local like Smart Lighting. Hopefully that’s coming in the future.

What I’d really like is some sort of camera w/ AI that could identify and count the chickens at night for me :slight_smile: Oh well, wouldn’t be a good livestock caretaker if I didn’t check on them multiple times a day.


You need some presence sensor for the chickens. There are some room occupancy solutions with BLE. @JDRoberts can probably point you to the right topic.

Just an idea…

Hey Brock. I do use Automations:
45 min after Sunrise, open the door…sorta thing

but I dont see any other logic options for door sensors.

Also, I wasnt able to use Smart Lighting to incorporate my contact sensor.

Just curious to see what you came up with.

Thanks! Ox

In the new app automations I was referring to the IF statements that are available. I have things setup to only run the chicken door open scene if the door contact sensor is closed and to only run the close scene if the door contact sensor is open. Using the old Smart Lighting app those IF conditions weren’t available so if I had manually closed the chicken door early (turning the Smartswitch on that the chicken door motor is plugged into), like I did tonight, the old Smart Lighting rule would have come along and turned on the chicken door switch at 40 minutes after sunset with no awareness of the contact sensor status, this opening the door. Not good when Mr. Fox has been hanging around the chicken yard lately.

I should mention that I have a modified smartapp installed that automatically turns off power to the Chicken Door Smartswitch after something like 12-15 seconds. If I didn’t have this I’d have to have an action in each scene or automation to turn the switch off otherwise it would stay powered on and every time you wanted to open or close the door you’d first have to turn the switch off.

I also have a SmartThings button inside the barn on the wall that I can push that has a Smart Lighting rule to turn on the Chicken Door Smartswitch whenever its pressed.

I also created routines in Alexa to open/close the chicken door controlling the Smartswitch.

Ok Brock…some helpful hints there. Thanks!

I was getting confused with “Automations” because I didnt see the “All/Any Conditions” tab. THey dont appear when one of the “ifs” is a time thing. I guess time of day triggers are always a a logical AND.