Automate intercom buzzer system? (2022, UK)

Hello everyone! I’m trying to automate the intercom to open the building entrance door of my flat.

I had Nello before, but since they went bust I’m trying to find another solution.

My intercom is very simple, when the button is pushes and the circuit is closed, it opens the door.

I was wondering if I can connect it to a smart switch to open the door (close the circuit) remotely (I have at home an Aeotec nano switch).

I’m attaching a photo of the intercom and the wiring diagram.

Thanks a lot!

Not sure about the smart switch, but what about a SwitchBot? I’m not sure about ST integration, there are Alexa and Google integrations.

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Thanks a lot, I have a SwitchBot bit I can’t use it because the button is in a very awkward position on the handset and I can’t position The SwitchBot in a place that allows it to work. I tried all possible ways with a SwitchBot yesterday without success!


Where do the black and red wires on connector CN3 go?

The black and red wires are connected to che chime. I installed a vibration sensor next to it, so I get a push notification when someone rings from downstairs.

There is a manufacturer-provided integration which works well for the switchbots, I use it in my own home. The main drawback is that it’s cloud based and can get expensive. You need the $40 Switchbot mini hub for the integration, plus about another $30 for each Switchbot. But we use it for some things that are otherwise hard to automate.

I wrote a review here:

2020 Switchbot Review ( robot button pusher), integration through IFTTT or SmartThings app

There is an old hack for this kind of situation that we use for assistance dogs, but it also works for Switchbot.

Take a piece of cork or plastic. Glue it to the button. Now glue a poker chip flat to the top of that. Voila: a flat surface raised up above the original surface to make it pushable. :grinning::dog:

Here’s an exaggerated version of the same idea:


And if you don’t want to use glue, Sugru is a great option which is easy to remove later. It’s a moldable silicon which starts out like playdough then dries to a rubber like consistency. Works great with Switchbots. They have a family safe version which doesn’t require wearing gloves when you put it on, but I find the original has better adherence.



Thanks a lot! I’ll consider this option! However, if there is a solution to do it without having anything external would be ideal :slight_smile: I’d prefer to have everything inside the intercom case and not in sight.

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Btw, most of these type of intercoms are like doorbells: 12v or 24v. So make sure any wired in devices matches the voltage specs or it might not work.

Good luck!

What country are you in? The device selection does vary. :thinking:

Thanks! I am in the UK.

Ok, that intercom system there is probably 12V DC, but check to be sure.

The trick will be to find the button inside the housing of the intercom. From that wiring it is almost positively spending an encoded signal so you cant just short any of those wires with a dry contact relay. (thus why inasked about the black and reds - indidnt have my glasses so i couldn’t see the little tiny speaker symbol on the interface circuit board.

Because of that, you have to short the wires at the button instead to make it work. You’ll have to take apart the housing that holds it and figure out how that connects back to the rest of the device, add a little wire, and wire that to a controllable relay, ZWave, Zigbee, esp32, whatever…

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