Automate Honeywell Vista 20p + Lighting


New to SmartThings - so forgive me if this has been answered (I did search before posting :wink: ).

I have a Honeywell Vista 20p, connected with EnvisaLink 4 and Node Proxy to integreate alarm status into ST.

What I would like to do is if I arm the system in NIGHT or STAY mode to turn off all the lights. I tried setting it up through Smart Lighting - I set it to trigger when Mode changes to Night to turn off lights. Doesn’t work.


That’s because “Night” mode is the mode of your Hub, not the mode your security system gets put into. Mode is exclusive in that scenario, as it is with SHM, and this is commonly confused. You’ll probably need something like CoRE or your own SmartApp I’m guessing.

My only disclaimer is that I don’t have my EV3 integrated like you do, so I can’t validate that the integration actually does not change the hub’s mode.

Out of curiosity, when you arm the Vista do you see your hub’s mode change?

Interesting. Yes, when I arm the Vista, the Smart Home Monitor changes to “Armed (Home)”