Auto update a smartapp

Is there a way to update a smartapp, in this case life360 to refresh the presence without having to manually go into ST > Smartapp > Life360 > home > users> save

Sometimes this Sapp needs to be refreshed to have the proper presence. Just looking if it can be automated.

It should refresh automatically. Check the settings in the Life390 app on your phone. Personally, I’ve tried Life360 and found it to be the worst for presence detection I’ve found.

Not the actual presence but the smartapp. Life360 has been the best of the three methods (webcore, Tasker, SmartThings) I have tried. The only issue is from time to time I have to go through the smartapp and update as outlined above.

I don’t understand. The presence is correct but the smartapp isn’t? What about the smartapp isn’t correct?
Or are you talking about updating the code? Like in the IDE?

I used to have this same problem. Life360 in ST was not updating the presence correctly. By going into the smart app and resaving it would somehow force an update to the presence so it was correct.

But I haven’t had this issue for some time now. I just assumed that Life360 had fixed the issue.

I also have found that Life360 works better than anything else I have tried.

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But the OP said that presence was correct, just not the app… Which I personally don’t understand.

One of the presences was correct but the other wasn’t sorry for the confusion

Jim described the situation perfectly