Auto off after X minutes, for selected KASA wall switches


I have some lights that I want to auto turn-off 1 hour after they are toggled ON via the physical wall switch.

Currently, I’m creating a rule that goes like this:

**IF** (light turn on)
**THEN** { turn off the light **BUT** delay action by 60 minutes }

The thing is that I have to create this rule for every single wall switch that I want this rule to apply to. I need this rule to apply to 10 out of my 14 wall switches. Creating 10 different rules, one for each switch, looks unoptimized to me.

Is there a more efficient way to do it ? I can use the ST IDE, not a groove expert but can work my way around.

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Just use the smartlighting smartapp. Use the powerallowance feature sent it to 60 min.

I use this in so many places. Love it.