Authorization using grails 3.x with oauth2 plugin

I need some help… any one have any sample code for authorizing and getting the token using grails. I can’t seem to
get past the first step (starting with submitting the authorization request). Any sample code would help for the sequence in groovy would be very helpful.


now getting the 500 internal error with grails and with a regular browser which I’m tracking from another topic. Any help on the 500 internal error appreciated…

If you can post some code that may help, including all the OAuth calls/params you are using from your web app.

Hi Jim, thank you so much for asking. grails 3.1.10 is working great now. Pilot error. Working great. For simplicity I stopped using the grails oauth plugin and did a hand variety which is working well. Maybe this will help someone else…thanks again!

For the GSP:

For the controller portion:

For the Service function: