Auth code generation?

I have an app that uses Auth code. What is the easiest way to generate the auth code? I know my client id and password. I have a python script that will connect to my hub and update virtual sensors.


Are you talking about the new or old API?
For the old one here is the link describing the flow of getting the Auth code, token and endpoint Urls:
So basically, you have to send the user to https://{{graph}} page, have them authorize their location and devices. Pay attention to {{graph}} subdomain, it may be different if your SmartApp is not published yet. Then it will be redirected to your service (to redirect_uri param you specify) which will contain code param.

Thanks I found the auth page and was able to get the code.

That’s great edlentz!
Was that the one I mentioned or it was the from a new API?
I am currently researching if the new API has the same web based auth flow, and not able to find one.

I think it was the new API. I need to write some of this stuff down. :)) I accidently found the page. SOme things are hidden from us plain folk

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