Aurora inline dimmer


I’d like to install an aurora inline dimmer. But I’m worried if I switch of the manual light switch will in turn off the aurora inline dimmer


It most likely will. Your smart devices are intended to stay connected to power all the time, and be controlled through some type of app. Manually turning off power to smart devices can/will have unintended consequences in terms of mesh/device performance, incorrect device states, and a few other things.

Understand, but depending on how it could or can be wired to may act as a second switch. I.e I have switch at the bottom of my landing to turn on the landing lights. I can then turn them on once I’m upstairs via another switch. Standard 2 way switching

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Any one no of a device like the inline dimmer, say maybe the sonoff? I’m sure wiring wise just like you have 2 switches to control 1 lighting circuit. Any advice would be great.

The Aurora inline dimmer cannot be used with a wired switch. The inline dimmer itself has no connections for linking to a wired switch - unlike alternative like the Fibaro Dimmer model.

If you merely have a wired switch wired as normal inline with the dimmer the wired switch cuts all power going to the inline dimmer making it useless. It should be noted that the Lutron Radio RA2 inline dimmer has exactly the same limitations.

The only way to control the Aurora (or Lutron Radio RA2) inline dimmers is via either a wireless switch or an app.

It is also the case that UK lighting regs require having a physical wired switch.

In view of the above issues I repeat my request for Aurora to do an equivalent dimmer micro module which does allow linking to a wired switch - like the Fibaro dimmer module.

If you only have the rotary dimmer with no inline module then of course that solution will work.