August Smart Lock

I own both August and Logitech Home Hub, also live in Canada :wink: August and Logitech said their integration is coming early 2015. Surprised Logitech has August Lock support printed all over their packaging even though its not even working yet.

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Good to know. Were you able to purchase the August in Canada or was it like ST where it ships from the U.S. and you end up spending a billion dollars on import fees?

Sorry if I was miss leading. They actually don’t ship to Canada yet, even though the initial pre-ordering included Canada. So when they notified me that shipping to Canada was not yet available, when my pre-order number came up I asked them to ship it to my US work location. I just picked it up from my US location during a business trip and brought it home with me no customs fees since I was able to declare a certain amount on returning to Canada. But since they are in the Apple stores hopefully Canadian distribution will happen soon.

They started shipping to Canada, I just received mine. Waited a long time, it was preordered last January! Sad to see no Smartthings integration since it was my main reason for ordering it last year.

Looks like we would be able to leverage the August Connect Wifi bridge + API starting mid-February or wait until hub v2

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With the announcement of August Connect, this is starting to become a more compelling product for me even though it’s pretty expensive. I’ve been on the fence about a smart lock for a while now, and had been leaning towards the Yale Real Living series.

Anyone else feel the same way?

I might think about the August Lock when v2 of the ST hub is released but I’m not buying another device from August to add functionality the lock should have already had. Maybe not wifi due to power concerns, but zwave or zigbee.

I got my August Connect right after it came out. Its a little slow to work but it works. The problem is that I’ve never used it in practice since I got it. Its not practical to have until it has ST integration.

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Any updates if August Smart Lock is integratable with ST? I’m thinking of getting either Schlage or August and can’t seem to make the final call since SmartThings is a major factor for me.

In the Schlage vs August battle, I think Schlage sense will be a better fit for me but August’s other smart products look quite attractive.

So anyone ever had interactions with August’s products and can they be paired with ST?

Hi, leadsrating. I just thought that I would add that I abandoned my August locks over a year ago. The newest model may be better, but I had constant calibration issues and sometimes the lock would not spin far enough to unlock the door with the first version. I’ll note that I was a beta tester and received two of them for free. The lock issue made this completely not dependable and I was in fear of locking myself out of the house, which is not something you want with a smart lock. I would look at other options. I’m currently a kickstarter backer for Gate. They’re a bit behind on their delivery window, but it looks promising.