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With the lack of user access permissions in ST I have now turned to the idea of using AR app on my devices to allow visitors to search a room to control my home automation.

The idea would be to pick a device use the AR app to scan visually around a room and have control of device when the device shows on screen (Ex. Table shows on device and controls populate -light on or off. Dimmer control)

Yes I have voice control for my home automation but that does not help visitors that may be staying at my home.

Has anyone come across this idea that may be in the works before I start to dig deeper into this idea.

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While AR is a fascinating and fun project, it certainly is overkill to just get around the “lack of user access permissions in SmartThings”!

ActionTiles features secure and revocable granular access delegation which your visitors can use with any web browser; no App installation or awkward (?) Augmented Reality required.

A big issue with AR is how to turn on a light in the dark? Activate the flashlight on the phone camera, I guess. Dunno… I don’t want to stifle experimentation and innovation; but certainly have to recommend our product in the meantime (currently only $23.99 per SmartThings Hub, unlimited users, browsers, and Things).

Thanks Terry. I have been looking at ActionTiles for some time.

For my issue I could go an easier route and hang name tags on each one of my automate devices. Then my visitor could use voice control and know what device to turn on. :smile:

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