audioNotification capability - how can you use it?

I added audioNotification capability to my Sonos Edge drivers. I have tested in programmatically but I can’t see a way to use it from the app - for e.g., I cannot use in a scene to notify on a device… Am I missing something? How can I actually use the notification capability now available on those Sonos speakers?

Can be used in routines (not scenes) under ‘Notify someone’. Can choose between text and audio…

Did the option shared above work?
I see there’s no configuration for the automation view in the capability presentation, this one is used in Routines and scenes:

smartthings capabilities:presentation audioNotification -j
    "detailView": [
            "label": "Audio alert",
            "displayType": "textField",
            "textField": {
                "command": "playTrack"
    "id": "audioNotification",
    "version": 1