Audible noisy Hub

So i’m just starting out with SmartThings, After a few days of having everything setup and working my wife started asking questions about the high pitched noise. After some experimentation it turns out the hub is making a noise that is just audible to my wife who has above normal hearing but it is well out of my just normal range. We have also noticed that the cat’s behaviour has changed and is spending more time outside.

The Smarthings hub has been moved to the shed and can still see all the sensors, so it’s all good.

Anybody else come across a similar situation?

While my HF hearing is pretty much long gone, this sounds like a noisy power supply. I would contact support for a replacement.

This is a new one! It’s typically us who make much noise in this community! Return and get a new one! It certainly does not make noise physically but creates noise in our heads and affects the grey cell! We laugh! We cry! We shout! We scream! What else can we do?

I’ve checked and it’s not the power supply. I’m using an equivalent or better spec australian supply as i’ve got plenty around.
I’m also in Sydney, Australia so return would be a pain.

And quite potentially it’s a better spot for it, away from the the Wifi AP, Femtocell and NinjaSphere beta that all share the top of a bookshelf in the house.