Audible alerts when sensors are triggered?

I currently have a 2gig control panel and when someone opens a door or window the system announces the event i.e “front door”, “back window” and when I arm the 2gig system it announces “system armed away”, “System armed stay”. My question is how can I get the Smartthings hub to announce system events?

I would love to be able to arm my system through Smartthings hub app on my phone and have it tell my 2gig control panel to announce the event “system armed” etc. What are my options?

In the Devices forum, I’ve announced the LANdroid beta. It won’t let you announce events with your 2gig system, but any Android device (a tablet on the LAN or a phone using SMS) can do voice announcements, chimes, etc.

It requires LANdroid SmartThings device driver, Remote LANdroid SmartApp if you want SMS rather than LAN alerts, the TTSService (an android service I wrote to enable the functionality), and a speech-to-events SmartApp like Big Talker. All are free; the first three are part of “LANdroid.”

Hope this helps.