AU/NZ SmartThing deliveries

I’m creating this thread for AU/NZ Kickstarter backers to post about their upcoming deliveries.

I, and I’m sure many others, would be interested to know when you received your shipment notification and when you actually receive your delivery, along with any observations or comments you may have.

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I’m not really sure why Aussies would think that making their homes smarter is a good idea. When 75% of objects on the continent want to kill you, do you think a SmartHome is wise? I’d say if you make it smarter, your home will probably decide it wants to kill you too!

Nah - you exagerate. As long as you avoid the bush ticks, the red back spiders, the funnel web spiders, the snakes (land and sea), the cone shells, the lionfish, the stonefish, the toadfish, the octopuses, the jellyfish, the crocs, the sharks and the drop bears, you’re sweet.

The white tail spiders, mouse spiders, trapdoor spiders, recluse spiders, centipedes and tassie devils will do a bit of damage but they won’t kill you, but don’t go spooking a water buffalo and leave the stingrays alone.

Oh, and don’t eat the berries, keep your kid in a dingo proof stroller and stay the hell away from Snowtown.


Well, not a very popular thread it seems, but here goes anyway…

Shipping notification just arrived in my inbox :slight_smile:

Received my Kit yesterday

…and it’s in the country - probably Sydney, but possibly Melbourne at this point…

…and it’s been delivered - yay!

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